Branding Identity and Corporate Stationery Design
By Vasil Enev | 2015 |
They are a visual communications company that specialize in photography and video production. Their services includes print collateral and video messaging for promotional and social media purposes. They are fully equipped team that utilizes multiple mediums to capture and tell stories. Through cutting edge technology, creativity and skilled execution, they produce stunning results in cinematography and still photography areas. Aerial footage and images that were previously unattainable are now possible with their fleet of multi-rotor, remote controlled helicopters.
The name GREYSPOT originated because the Founder of the company, Theron Gore have a gray patch of hair on the back of his head. It also fits their industry because of the white balance in photography and some videos are achieved by 18% gray card.
Each of GREYSPOT’s industry veterans has the expertise and vision to elevate your ideas through captivating imagery. Whatever visual solution are required, from concept to final production, GREYSPOT has the resources and talent to make it happen.
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